Depending on where you stay and what you want to do, you may need to rent a car while enjoying your vacation on Turks and Caicos.  Taking taxis to all of your destinations can get expensive as well.  There are two great car rental companies located right in Grace Bay and within walking distance from many of the resorts:  Grace Bay Car Rental (Thrifty) and Avis Car Rental.  We will talk a bit about each below.

Grace Bay Car Rental

Grace Bay Car Rental is right on Grace Bay Road near Salt Mills Plaza and Bella Luna Ristornte.  Grace Bay Car Rental is operated by Thrifty Car Rental and is known for its customer service.  Grace Bay Car Rental will meet you at the airport or your resort if you reserve in advance.  You can also leave your car at your resort and the keys with the concierge and Grace Bay Car Rental will pick it up for you when you are finished with your reservation.

The cars tend to be a bit older at Grace Bay Car Rental, but are perfect for getting around the island.  If you are going to visit some out of the way places, you might consider renting a jeep or SUV.  Some of the roads can be very rough on a smaller car (like if you want to visit Malcolm’s Beach or Amanyara).

You can find more information and reserve your vehicle here at

Avis Car Rental

The Avis Car Rental is located on Allegro Road near the IGA Graceway Gourmet grocery store.  This location is also just a short distance from many of the resorts and can easily be walked to.  The Avis Car Rental tends to have some newer vehicles, but most of the vehicles are smaller with steering wheels on the left side of the car which is normal in the United States.  Keep in mind, in Turks and Caicos you drive on the left side of the road which is not what you are accustomed to in the United States.

You can find more information about the Avis Car Rental on Grace Bay right here.


Both options are excellent choices.  If you would like to get out and explore the island, renting a car is a must.  The island of Providenciales is pretty small, so unless you need a car to get from your resort to a new restaurant each night you can get away with only renting a car for a couple of days.  We all know there is plenty to do on the beach and in the water near most of the resorts on the island and you will not need a car for that.

Make sure you get a map of the island from your car rental company and ask that they highlight some of the better options to visit on the island.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your time in beautiful Turks and Caicos!