If you are on an island vacation, one thing you must do is try the island beer.  In Turks and Caicos, the only beer brewed on the island is Turk’s Head.  Turk’s Head comes in either Lager (blonde), Amber (red), Light, and now an IPA.  The Lager would be similar to Corona type beer and the Amber is more like a Killian’s Irish Red.  Our favorite is the Amber and it is not just because of the 6% alcohol by volume.

All of these flavors are good with a lime.  And the best place to enjoy Turk’s Head is undeniably on the beach.  You are on a beach vacation after all.  These beers are not pasteurized which means they are only good for about three months after brewing.  This is one of the reasons you will only find the beer available on the Turks and Caicos islands.

Turks Head Brewery is located not far from the airport on Provo.  At one time the price for a case of beer at the brewery was $33.  That may have changed in recent months.  But we are sure that we do not have to explain that a little over $1 per beer on Turks and Caicos is a great deal.  You are not going to find that anywhere else.

If you are looking to enjoy some great island beer, be sure to try a Turk’s Head while you are on the islands.  Enjoy!