Trip Report Day 3

If you have already read our trip reports on day one and day two, then you are ready to read day three!


Wake Up

We woke up on day three of the vacation with another beautiful morning.  We haven’t mentioned the weather in any of our trip reports so far, but it was wonderful the entire time.

Seven Stars gives you a little news sheet every morning at breakfast with the local weather, things going on at the resort, and some world news.  We joked that they don’t have to change the weather much.  Ours said the same thing every day, “Low 27 / High 31 Mostly Sunny.”  Converted to Fahrenheit that is 80 to 88 degrees every day of the week.

We had breakfast again at the resort and it was just as good as it was the prior too days.

View from Seven Stars Resort

Car Rental

There are two car rental places a short walk from Seven Stars Resort.  One is an Avis and the other is a Thrifty called “Grace Bay Car Rentals.”  We decided it was a good day to get out and explore the island so we stopped in at Grace Bay Car Rentals.

Within about 20 minutes we were off in an old Nissan for the day (~$50).  Here are a couple of interesting things about the Nissan.  The steering wheel was on the wrong side which is actually kind of convenient since you have to drive on the left side of the road in Provo.  The other interesting thing is that the miles per hour were actually kilometers per hour.  Luckily, the car rental place gave us a conversion chart so that we would know how fast or slow we were going.

Rental Car

Roads and Signs (or lack there of)

The main roads on Provo are in excellent condition.  But if you venture very far off the main roads you will soon hit dirt roads.  And these dirt roads are not in very good condition at all.  We don’t have many regrets about the trip, but we do regret not renting a Jeep or other larger SUV to do some real exploring.  The little Nissan definitely could not handle the dirt roads.

The other thing about driving around Provo was the street signs.  Signage in general was not the best.  You will find signs on some of the main roads, but any adventure off of the main trails and you are on your own.


With map in hand we headed to the south part of the island to explore Chalk Sound and the beaches that are down that way.  After some missed turns we found our way to one of the most beautiful views we have ever seen.

For miles all we could see was this clear turquoise water.  Words will really not do it justice, so we will share a few photos instead.  Photos honestly do not do it justice either.  It is one of those places you just have to see to really understand it.

Next we were off to find Taylor Bay Beach.  But, we never found it.  It seemed like every road that might go to the beach was either closed or a dead end.  We did not find the beach at Sopadilla Bay either.

Chalk Sound 2 - Turks and Caicos
Chalk Sound - Turks and Caicos
Chalk Sound 3 - Turks and Caicos
One thing we did see was a restaurant called Las Brisas which sits up on a hill overlooking Chalk Sound.  We did not stop, but probably should have.  The views alone would have been worth it.  After returning home and reading up on Las Brisas we found that they offer a 2 hour pontoon boat ride through Chalk Sound.  This sounds unbelievable and we only mention it because had we known about it, we would have done it.


After exploring for the morning, it was time to get some lunch.  Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl sits on the southern shores of Provo with great views of the ocean.

Lunch here was good.  We ordered the local grilled fish and the grilled shrimp.  One tip would be to not order the grilled fish.  The local fish comes with a lot of bones in it which makes it difficult to eat.  Bugaloo’s is known for their Conch Fritters which we saw several people order and they looked delicious.


Bugaloo's Turks and Caicos
Fresh Fish at Bugaloo's - Turks and Caicos
View from Bugaloo's - Turks and Caicos

Malcom’s Road Beach

Malcom’s Road Beach is located on the northwest portion of the island.  It is no doubt down a long, windy dirt road.  After a short trip down this road, we decided the little Nissan was not cut out to be on this road so we turned back.  We heard great things about the beach there, but did not get to see it.

Back to Grace Bay Beach

Given our lack of success exploring, there was still plenty of daylight so we decided to spend the afternoon back on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Grace Bay Beach is so perfect we wanted to spend time there every day.

Getting to the beach in the afternoon was definitely more crowded than in the morning.  We found a spot, but it was a little ways down the beach.

The beach was fantastic.  The water was wonderful.  It was everything we wanted that afternoon.  We did order a pina colada and a mudslide ice cream drink that we cannot remember the name of right now ($12 each).  They were delicious.


Grace Bay Beach - Turks and Caicos


Around 8 pm we drove the Nissan over to Coyaba.  There was plenty of parking.  It looked like most people either walk over or take a taxi cab.

Our expectations were high going in since we heard great things about the restaurant.  We were not let down at all.  We had some wine, the mahi mahi, and the shrimp tempura.  To finish we had this banana dessert that was out of this world.

This was the best dinner we had on the island.  Again, words do not do it justice.  Just try it.


Grace Bay Beach - Turks and Caicos
Coyaba - Mahi Mahi
Coyaba - Shrimp Tempura
Coyaba - Dessert


After Dinner

After dinner it was back to Seven Stars for another few minutes on the beach watching the stars and listening to the waves.  It was beautiful.

You can continue on to Day Four right here.

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