Trip Report Day 2

Okay.  Day one was awesome.  Here we go with the day two trip report!

Wake Up

We rise and shine on day 2 around 8:30 am.  This was our first morning on the island so it was our first view of the sun coming up and lighting up the beach and water.  It was a beautiful day.

Part of the stay at Seven Stars includes a breakfast buffet each morning.  The buffet is delicious with options for pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, muffins, bagels, and more.  The bacon was the best.

The breakfast is included in the bill for our stay, but the lovely young waitress who brought us water (or coffee if you prefer) brought a bill anyway.  The bill had two buffets for $30 each and then a credit for both buffets of $30 each.  We only mention this because at this point we are wondering what to tip.  $60 worth of buffets seems a bit much, but the waitress did bring us water and presumably cleaned up our table when we left.

We ended up leaving a $7 tip.  It seemed appropriate since we were at Seven Stars and since we saw someone else leave $7.  No idea if it was the right amount or not.


Having been on the island for over 15 hours now, we were dying to head to the beach and test out the water. The beach was absolutely breathtaking. From the sugary white sand to the crystal clear water, we could not get enough of it.

We were one of the first to the beach that day so it felt like we had the entire beach to ourselves. We picked a nice spot with a couple of relaxing chairs and an umbrella. It was beautiful.

Grace Bay Beach - Turks and Caicos

One of the coolest things about Seven Stars was an abundance of things to do in the water.  They have stand up paddle boards, a small sail boat, snorkel gear, kayaks, and plenty of floatation devices for just laying around in the water.

The coolest of all were these were the blue floating chairs.  They were the best for relaxing.  You did have to get them fairly early though or they would all be in use.

Grace Bay Beach floating - Turks and Caicos


For lunch we headed up to the pool.  We ordered a couple of burgers ($16 each) and drinks ($12 each) from the waiter.  The burgers were huge, but delicious.  We could have easily split one.

Ordering a big lunch was not a great idea given what we were doing next.


Hamburger at The Deck at Seven Stars

Island Vibes Tour

The previous evening we had the concierge book a half day trip for us with Island Vibes Tours.  The tour was to start at 1:15 pm when the Island Vibes boat would pick us up from the beach directly behind Seven Stars.

We were one of the last ones on the boat.  Seven Stars is the second to last pick up location with Grace Bay Club being the last.

Our guides were Moe and LJ.  Both were a blast.  They were very laid back and funny.  They also played great music and made sure everyone had a good time.

Island Vibes - Turks and Caicos

We do not want to give away too much of the tour because part of the fun is the adventure of not knowing what is next.  We will say that of course you get to snorkel and see the reef and some exotic fish.  You also get to go to a private beach, Half Moon Bay, for drinks and some conch salad (all included in the trip cost of $89 per person).

It was a lot of fun and probably the best thing we did while on Turks and Caicos.  It is also a good way to meet other people who are vacationing and having fun.  We could have easily gone on this tour every day and enjoyed it.

There are other tour provides as well.  We saw Caicos Dream Tours and maybe Caicos Adventures, but we heard good things about Island Vibes and were not disappointed with our choice.

Half Moon Bay - Turks and Caicos
Stingray in Turks and Caicos


After a day on the beach and the water, we went up to the room to relax for a bit and get ready for dinner.  We went to Hemingway’s  for dinner, this time taking a taxi ($10) given it was a bit too far to walk. Hemingway’s is in the nearby Sands Resort and was recommended to us by a friend who visited Turks and Caicos the year before us.

Hemingway’s had a great vibe.  It was all outdoors with a very nice bar and lounge area.  There was also a huge deck that overlooked the beach and ocean, but it was reserved that night for what looked like a wedding reception.

Hemingway's at the Sands Resort

Dinner was delicious.  Crab Cakes ($26) and Chicken Breast stuffed with goat cheese and spinach (~$26) were the entrees.  We also had some wine which may have been about $10 a glass.

After dinner, we decided to walk back along the beach.  It was nice feeling that cool breeze come off the ocean while we walked after dark.

Since the resorts are spread so far apart, there were some dark areas of beach along the walk.  It ended up being very safe, although a cab would have definitely felt more safe.

After Dinner

Back at Seven Stars, we wanted to go down to the beach and relax for a bit.  This time we took the champagne with us.  We sat there on the beach relaxing, sipping on our drinks, watching the stars and the ocean waves.

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