Trip Report Day 1

Hi, I’m Joe. I’m from Dallas, Texas and this is my Turks and Caicos trip report. I hope it helps you in your travels to the most beautiful islands on earth.  Without further delay, here is day 1!

Flight and Airport

We left beautiful Dallas – Fort Worth on a Saturday for the island paradise known as Providenciales (Provo), Turks and Caicos. There is a direct flight out of DFW that leaves around 11 am and lands at 3:45 pm (3 hours and 45 minutes in the air). The flight was very nice. The last leg was over the islands of the Bahamas so there was a nice build up as we approached Turks and Caicos.

The airport on Provo is exactly as you would expect an island airport to be. There was only one runway and one gate. You unload from the airplane by stairs that are on top of a truck. These truck stairs are exactly like the one you see in the show Arrested Development.

Flight to Turks and Caicos

Baggage Claim and Customs

From there it is straight to baggage claim and customs. Please remember to bring a pen! Yes, you are on vacation, but there are at least two customs forms to fill out and you do not want to be wandering through the Provo airport looking for a pen as we were.

One customs form was given to us on the airplane to fill out and then another form inside the airport. The forms are similar in nature asking you if you are carrying cash over $10,000 or any illegal drugs or anything of that nature. Customs for us was very quick even though we forgot a pen.


Upon exiting the airport, there was a person there from the hotel that helped us with our room number and into a cab. Given we were one of the first people out of the airport, we thought we might be off and running to the hotel. That did not happen.

The taxi system on Turks and Caicos was a little different. The taxis are big vans and they try to carry as many people as possible on each taxi drive. So we waited on two more couples to join us in the van. We were heading to Seven Stars Resort as was one other honeymooning couple. The other couple was off to Grace Bay Club.

The two resorts are next to each other. And by next to each other, I mean about a half mile to a mile apart which was what all the resorts seemed to be.

Seven Stars

Check in was smooth and easy.  All of the check in area is in an open air room at the front of the resort.  After a quick tour of the property we arrived at our room, 2405.

Room 2405 is a very nice one bedroom suite with an ocean and pool view.  The room is on the fourth floor of the Maia building.  I’m not sure what Maia means, but maybe it means “middle” because the building was in the middle of the three buildings on the property.

Seven Stars Resort
The room was gorgeous, just as expected.  You can find plenty of photos online, but we will provide a few here as well.  We had a huge patio that could be reached from both the living room and the bedroom.  The floors were marble throughout.  The countertops in the kitchen were granite.

Amenities in the kitchen included coffee maker, espresso maker, dishwasher, oven, stove, microwave oven, toaster, refrigerator and wine refrigerator. There were tons of glasses, plates, and silverware.

Seven Stars Resort room

The room included one full bath and one half-bath which was a pleasant surprise.  The full bath included double sinks, soaker tub, and a wonderful shower.

Other amenities in the room were two flat screen televisions, Bose stereo with Bluetooth, full size washer and dryer, and wifi throughout.  The place was immaculate.

Seven Stars Resort kitchen
Seven Stars Resort bedroom
Seven Stars Resort bath

Prepare yourself to also hear negatives in our trip reports because we include both the good and bad.  Seven Stars check in was a pleasure and the room was perfect.  The only negative was we arranged for champagne to be waiting in our room.  We arrived and there was nothing.

After a short note to the concierge, the champagne was waiting when we came back later from dinner.

The Deck

Since we did not have the champagne waiting, we decided to head down to The Deck for drinks and to check out the beach and ocean.  The Deck sits on the very back of the Seven Stars property between the pool and the beach.  The Deck is a nice outdoor dining area with a great view of the beach.

We ordered a couple of drinks to start, the Mango Sunrise ($12) and the Watermelon Margarita ($12).  I’m not sure if was the long flight or just the excitement of starting up our vacation, but these might have been the best drinks ever made!

After a bit, we decided to try an appetizer and ordered the Tiger Shrimp ($18) which were delightful.

Turks and Caicos beach


After a short trip up to the room to change, we decided to walk down the street for dinner. We started out heading to Hemingway’s at the Sands Resort, but turned back when it ended up being too far to walk. We ended up near the Seven Stars Resort at Bella Luna Ristorante.

Bella Luna is a nice Italian place that offers outdoor dining. One side of the property is a pizzeria and the other is closer to fine dining.

Bella Luna - Turks and Caicos
We ordered the lasagna and a shrimp scampi dish.

For drinks, we ordered the Rum Punch since it is the drink of the Turks and Caicos islands. Dinner was delish and the service was excellent. The Rum Punch was only so so and we would have preferred just to have some wine. But it was the first night so we had to at least try it.


End of the evening

We return to the room to find the champagne had finally arrived.  Having had plenty to drink that evening we decided to save it for the next night.

We did decide to walk down to the beach and relax in some beach chairs and look at the stars while listening to the ocean waves roll into the beach.  It was beautiful down there.  And this became our nightly tradition.

Continue on to Day Two right here.

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Turks and Caicos Sunset