One of the most frequently asked questions on the island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is, “How do I find Taylor Bay?”  Let us warn you it is not that easy to find, but is doable with a little help.  And the views are spectacular and worth renting a car and spending an afternoon on Taylor Bay Beach.

First, make sure to get a map from your car rental agency.  Taylor Bay should be easily marked on the map and theoretically easy to find.  The problem is once you get there you are not sure if you are really there.  The key is the tennis courts.  Once you find those you are really close.  You can park outside the tennis courts where there is only room for 5 or 6 cars.  This is fine because there is very little traffic in this area and you are likely to have the beach all to yourself.

Now, if you need help getting to the tennis courts and the path to Taylor Bay Beach here are some instructions.

– Head out west on Leeward Highway like you are heading to the airport.

– Take a left on South Dock Road (Which is the roundabout circle with the grass in the middle). Note:  There is not a sign to it from that direction so be wary.  And if you reach Millennium Highway roundabout you missed it.

– You will continue on south dock for about 5 miles.

– Look for the Caicos Oil gas station where the road curves right.

Chalk Drive will be on your right. Take a right turn on to Chalk Drive.

– You should see a house on the left side. That is the Provo Children’s Home.

– Not much farther and you will see the Neptune Villas and Las Brisas on your right.

– If you continue on for another mile, then take a left on Sunset Bay Drive.

– You will be looking for the tennis courts and parking lot for about 6 cars.

–  Park and its a short walk down the unpaved path to the beach.


Allegedly there is also some parking for Taylor Bay along Ocean Point Drive.  We have not tested this and cannot confirm it.  But maybe some of you will try it out and send us a note if there is parking along Ocean Point Drive as well.

After you are finished you might consider stopping in at Las Brisas on the way back.  It makes for a wonderful day away from Grace Bay Beach.  Las Brisas has wonderful food.  They also have a two hour pontoon tour of Chalk Sound if you have 6 people.

Enjoy Taylor Bay!



Photo thanks to Ben Ramirez.