Flamingo Cafe

Rickie’s Flamingo Cafe

Stopping at a seaside restaurant for an unhurried, relaxing lunch is one of the great joys of a Caribbean vacation. Rickie’s Flamingo Café is indeed on the beach, but do not mistake it for just another beach bar with local food. Rickie and wife Stacy Clarke, chefs and owners, make this island eatery a hot spot for excellent traditional Turks and Caicos cuisine. The vibrant lemon yellow structure accented with turquoise is situated right on Grace Bay Beach near Lower Bight Road facing the amazing blues of the Atlantic waters.

A Carefree Atmosphere

Rickie’s Flamingo Café offers a carefree tropical island atmosphere with pastel colored panels and gleaming dark wood deck floors. The covered verandah is a shady place to enjoy a drink before lunch or dinner at the outdoor bar, and diners can sit outdoors to enjoy ocean breezes along with their meal. Sundays bring a mix of beach going tourists and local Providenciales regulars who enjoy a convivial Sunday lunch as they watch the kids and volleyball players on the beach.

An Outstanding Chef

Of course, it is the food that makes a restaurant special, and the outstanding Turks and Caicos cuisine prepared by chef Rickie is definitely at another level. Born in Grand Turk, Rickie received his formal culinary training as a chef at Beaches, and he landed a job as a sous chef at the resort. He also did a stint as the personal chef for the premiere of Turks and Caicos.

Rickie Clark is the real deal, learning his craft as a child from his mother who is reputed to be one of the best chefs on the islands. Foodies, especially those in the know about Southern US soul food, are often delighted to find that Rickie’s genuine island dishes are in some ways reminiscent of Cajun, Creole and Low Country cuisine.

Authentic Island Food

If you go, try one of Rickie’s excellent soups, from okra to pumpkin and split pea. Melt in your mouth curry grouper is a specialty of the house, and fresh fish, conch and lobster are always on the menu. Stacy generally prepares the conch fritters. Dishes are offered with a beautiful presentation so you can enjoy the sight and aroma of the dish before you put the fork to your lips.

For a true taste of Turks and Caicos, do not miss the outstanding island cuisine at Rickie’s Flamingo Café.