Note:  The above is an image. The video is located at the bottom of this page.  🙂


We have reviewed a lot of YouTube videos about Turks and Caicos and there are a lot of good ones out there.  This one is so good it is worthy of its own post. We have never seen anything like it.

The actual title of the video is Turks and Caicos to Nassau by boat.  You can see a bunch of cool marine life in this plus all of the water and islands look awesome.  The shot of the props cranking up on this boat is unbelievable.  The boat is amazing. The jet ski scenes, wow. Enough talk.  Just watch the video.  There are some really cool shots in there.

Note:  It does look like this video at one time had music, but was muted due to copyright infringement.  It is still worth it without the music or you can easily just play your own.