Undersea Explorer

Turks and Caicos

The Undersea Explorer is a half-boat, semi-submarine where you can easily view and explore sea life in Turks and Caicos  without getting wet.

For the adventurous spirit at heart capture the magnetic altitude of the ocean sea floor and mystery of the world below. This guided tour provides you with an in-depth view from a scuba divers perspective without dipping your toes in the water in an air-conditioned environment.

Two outstanding outlooks in a whole new boating attraction that you will never encounter anywhere else in the world whether your fascination be mermaids or endangered green turtles in their natural habitation of the coral reef.

Turks and CaicosThis originally was developed in Australia for viewing the Great Barrier Reef. It operates as a semi submarine that seats up to 16 guests with viewing windows all around. This tour will give you the insight to conceive another world that surrounds the Caribbean waters and encourages the importance of protecting the precious ocean life environment.

The captain invites us into the vivid beauty of this unknown kingdom with the surrounding enigmatic sea life as they evolve for the survival of the fittest. So many organisms like to live on coral reefs because they provide shelter and food we can see more of how this chain really works in its ecological state. The narration draws us further into this underwater aquarium learning of the diverse species which will amaze you beyond belief. The Ooh’s and Aww’s will not stop from the onset of departure to the time of arrival back at the dock of Turtle Cove Marina.

The entertainment does not need to halt there check out the delicious cuisine at Mango Reef afterwards to really fulfill the pleasure of your day and satisfy your taste of the tropics. Needless to say, this endeavor is a bucket list necessity that you need to grasp hold of as it doesn’t occur every day.


    • All ages encouraged to join in the fun
    • Semi-submarine that seats up to 16 guests with viewing windows all around
    • Transportation Service for all resorts located in Grace Bay at no additional fee
    • Tours Available Mornings & Afternoons Monday thru Saturday (subject to change)
    • Friendly, Caring, Knowledgeable Staff
    • Explore Turks and Caicos Barrier Reef which is the third largest barrier reef in the world
    • Spot green turtles, stingray and eagle ray, barracudas, lobster, starfish, and the most eccentric colored array of fishes including parrotfish, grouper fish, angelfish, butterflyfish, & snapper.
    • A child’s dream come true with the magical appearance of beautiful Bella the mermaid plus “Shiver me timber’s” surprise guest Captain Jack Swift is ready to meet ye’ matey! (Mermaid Adventure only)
    • Camera & Video Camera a must
    • Rest easy for the faint at heart, you may continue the ride from above absorbing in another view surrounded by the warm, ocean breeze

This is one of the best day excursions on Provo! Get out and explore the reef on this semi-submarine!

Located at Turtle Cove Marina.

Website:  CaicosTours.com

Turks and Caicos