Trip Report Day 4

If you have already read our trip reports on day one, day two, and day three then you are ready to read day four!

Wake Up

Day number four started just as the others did.  There was beautiful weather and a very nice sun lighting up the water and beach from the view from our patio.

We went down to the buffet breakfast at Seven around 8:30 am.  Breakfast was delicious just as it was every day at Seven Stars.



There are a few shops and restaurants near Seven Stars Resort and we wanted to walk around and check those out.  The Salt Mills shopping area is nearby so we headed that way after breakfast in search of a hat or shirt or some other memorabilia for the trip.

We stopped in at Caicos Adventures and a few of the other little shops.  The people were all friendly and helpful.  Caicos Adventures also books boat trips, scuba diving trips, and other island adventures.  We ended up getting a couple of hats there.

Shopping - Turks and Caicos


Day four was all about the beach.

After checking out the shops, it was time to head to the beach.  This was our last day on the island so we wanted to make it count.  The best part of Turks and Caicos are the beautiful beaches and the ocean water.  We enjoyed both for most of the day.

We were able to fit in some drinks and food from The Deck.  We got a lot of sun.  And maybe a little nap on the beach as well.  It was so peaceful all day.  We just wanted to enjoy it.

Grace Bay Beach chairs - Turks and Caicos
Boy on Grace Bay Beach - Turks and Caicos
Grace Bay Beach couple - Turks and Caicos


After a day relaxing on the beach, we wanted to enjoy a nice dinner.  We asked the concierge to make reservations at Coco Bistro for us, but it was completely booked.  The concierge did recommend that we might try and go there early and eat in the Lounge.

Around 6 pm we took a taxi to Coco Bistro ($10).  It was not very crowded when we arrived.  The hostess said they had a couple of cancelations so we were able to get a table.

The atmosphere at Coco Bistro is delightful.  The service was also excellent.  At Coco Bistro we ordered the Swordfish and the Grilled Shrimp.  Both were delicious.  For dessert, we decided to try the Classic Fresh Vanilla Bean Créme Brulee with a Delicate Caramel Crust ($14).  It was magnificent.  The servers suggested the Coco Bistro Key Lime Pie, but that will have to wait until next time.

Coco Bistro - Turks and Caicos
Grilled Shrimp - Coco Bistro
Swordfish - Coco Bistro
Dessert - Coco Bistro


We finished the night back on the beach with a drink while relaxing and watching the stars again.  It was so wonderful.  We loved it.


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