If you are looking to get out on the water or are just looking for a little fun and adventure while on Turks and Caicos, you cannot beat the Island Vibes Tours experience. Island Vibes has both ½ day snorkel tours and full-day barbeque adventures. Both excursions are some of the most fun you will have on the island.

There are a lot of great things to love about the Island Vibes Tours. Here are a few:

  • The tour guides are a lot of fun
  • Good music and dancing
  • Food and drinks (and alcohol) included in the price
  • Great snorkeling
  • Meet other people

There are several Island Vibes boats so getting a reservation is not too difficult. Each boat holds about 20 to 25 guests. You can either book your reservation online or just talk to the concierge at your resort. The Island Vibes Tour begins with being picked up at the beach right at your resort. The boat may then move along the beach pick up other guests at other resorts. This gives you a chance to check out some of the other resorts on the island. After introductions are made from everyone on the boat and safety instructions are given from the captain of the boat then the fun begins.

The captain then cranks up the music and you set off on your tour. Usually drinking does not begin until after snorkeling for safety reasons. Then it is really like a fun party with people swimming, dancing, diving off the diving board on the upper deck of the boat and just generally having a good time. The captain and his first mate provide a small meal or a barbeque depending on which tour you are on. And at the end of the tour you are dropped back off right at your resort again.

This really is a great time and probably the best investment you will make on the island. It is a day of fun (or a half day of fun which is plenty) and is really affordable for all that you get. If you want to enjoy a day out on the water and meet a bunch of fun people, the Island Vibes Tour is a great chance to get out and explore the Turks and Caicos.

Below is a short video we put together from our 1/2 day tour with Island Vibes.  Needless to say, it was a blast.
Enjoy and have fun!